Half Past Jump Time (HPJT) is a dramatic web series that is one part urban, sci-fi adventure IN ADDITION TO a dance/SINGING/entertainment showcase.

The story of HPJT follows the lives of a pair of Harlem Renaissance era aspiring dancers, a 1920’s time-traveler/business owner and a trio of 2018 contemporary NYC dancers/performers. We know we have your attention now.  Every episode will follow these young adventurers, exploring how they deal with trying to make it to the top of the entertainment/arts world by any means necessary.  HPJT's story begins with them meeting under extraordinary circumstances and beginning a journey of profound self-discovery. Their lives will be changed forever.  

Harriet LeCroix, a time manipulator, living in two time periods (1920s and contemporary NYC) is the heart of the show and the very reason the lives of the young performers have been intertwined. 

A major component of the show will be showcasing the social issues of each time period, revolving around the African American experience. Current events of each time period will play heavily in the series storylines. The characters of HPJT are from two different worlds and yet their lives contain certain similarities that make for great stories.

Learning from the past is always a good idea but what if you had the opportunity to go back to 1920s Harlem to live in an incredible time in American history. Half Past Jump Time (HPJT) will give you a front row seat.